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Tom Giampietro: Links
This is Jeff Coffin's home page. Check him and his music out if you haven't already.
This is the MTSU music home page. I teach drum set, beginning vibraphone improvisation and coach jazz combos.
Blair school of Music at Vanderbilt University. I am the drum set professor at Blair.
Chris Walter's artist page at Heartdance music. Check him and his music out!
University of Northern Iowa School of Music website. As of this past semester I am now an adjunct professor at UNI! We are using video conferencing technology so that I can teach drum set lessons at UNI while living in Tennessee!
Great singer/songwriter from Chicago. In the coming months I will be putting some sound clips up from his CD that I was forutnate enough to have played drums on.
Website of great songwriter and friend, Eddie Mugavero. I was in Badabing Badaboom with him for many years. Look for some Badabing sound clips in the coming months.
A great organization that helps promote and fund literacy programs across America.
A non-profit organization that provides music education to children who would otherwise not be able to afford it themselves! Many musicians I know volunteer at this school.
Jeff Babko is a burning keyboard/pianist from LA. I met him at Miami and he flew all the way from California to play on my graduate recital in Iowa!
Liz Johnson is a great singer and composer that I play with regularly. Check her out!
Another good friend from Badabing Badaboom. She is currently working on her new CD.
Attack Drumheads
I have been using these drum heads since 1999. They make my drums SING! I especially like the Terry Bozzio series and the Calf-Like series.
Johnny is an amazing drummer and educator. A unique voice.
Andrea is a wonderful photographer who makes all of her clients feel at ease. She is responsible for the pictures on the main pages of this site.
The website of a great guitar player based in Nashville.
great handmade cymbals from Turkey!!
An hour long video with me playing drums with Casey Driessen and the Colorfools. The music is great as is the sound quality! (disclaimer-we are not on the WHOLE hour)
Casey Driessen
This is Casey Driessen's homepage! He is an outstanding musician and he can juggle! I had a great time playing with him in his trio last summer and am happy to say that there will be more to come! Check him and his music out!!
This is my blog on music, chess and striving to improve. I figure everyone else is blogging I might as well.