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Tom Giampietro: Music

Skinny Widow Stomp(2005)

(UNI Jazz Band One-Tom Giampietro Drum set)
Written by Joey Sellers
This clip is from a Joey Sellers Composition that I recorded with UNI's Jazz Band One

Move Your Rug(2003)

(Jeff Coffin Mu'tet-Tom Giampietro on Drum Set)
Written by Jeff Coffin


(Chris Walters-Tom Giampietro on Drum Set)
written by Chris Walters

Miss Missouri(2005)

(UNI Jazz Band one with Tom Giampietro on Drum Set)
Benny Carter
A great Benny Carter tune as recorded by University of Northern Iowa's Jazz Band One.

A Long Lonely Night's Work(2006)

(Tom Giampietro Composer and Drum Set)
written by Tom Giampietro
I recorded this tune in March. There will be more of my original compositions in the future.

In Walked Bud(1998)

(Tom Reynolds Trio-Tom Giampietro on Drum Set)
Thelonious Monk

Jonesin' To Swing(1999)

(Badabing Badaboom(Tom Giampietro on drum set and percussion))
Music and Lyrics by Eddie Mugavero

Ellington Sacred Music Concert at MTSU, Spring-2006

(Middle Tennessee Jazz Orchestra(Tom Giampietro on drums))
This solo is from a live show with the Middle Tennessee Jazz Orchestra. I was having some fun with the tambourine!

The Beautiful One

(UNI Jazz Band One(Tom Giampietro on drums))
composed by Chris Merz
This is a beautiful tune written and arranged by Chris Merz. The trumpet soloist is Brandon Lewis!

Mystery of Love

(Annie Sellick & The Hot Club (Tom Giampietro on Drums))
Tom Sturdevant