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Tom Giampietro: Press

“I sincerely believe that whoever ends up with Tom Giampietro on their faculty will look back 20 years from now and realize it was one of the best moves they ever made. Tom not only inspires in a way I have rarely seen but also inspires those around him, personally and professionally in ways too numerous to list here. Tom is a tremendous musician and he is a person of the highest integrity and professionalism. He has been one of my very best friends since the day we first met and I cherish his friendship and musicianship. I believe you will too.”
Jeff Coffin - Jeff Coffin-Saxophonist with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
“I caught their (Badabing Badaboom) live show at a downtown club recently, and, well, wow. Taking nothing away from the rest of the troupe, drummer Tom Giampietro and five-string violist Stephan Dudash will scare the daylights out of you."
Rusty Russell - Music Row Magazine
“Tom Giampietro nimbly holds down the straight-ahead fort for the Jeff Coffin Mu’tet, always swinging smartly and smoothly. The music is mostly inside; the Mu’tet doesn’t take tons of chances on Go-Round. There is one Ornette-ish composition on the record, though, that is handled with the joy the music deserves. Giampietro offers a great feel overall, and he has a killer press roll to boot. The drumming is musical and varied, subtle and bold, swinging and grooving. “Tall And Lanky” features a New Orleans second-line march, and there are a number of tunes where Giampietro handles the brushes with grace and dexterity. A fine performance from this Nashville-based drummer.”

Thank you for your excellent presentation on the art of brushes at
The University of Iowa. Your clinic was well organized and delivered
effectively with style and humor. The students were clearly engaged
by the materials you presented, and I have heard brush strokes coming
from the practice rooms already.

I would highly recommend your clinic presentation to any percussion program."
Dan Moore-Director - University of Iowa Percussion Program